Level 99 is a premium denim line without a premium price tag. They have a cleaner, dressier look and some of the styles have the added luxury of Tencel in the fabric. Tencel is an all-natural fabric that wicks moisture away from the body keeping you cool and dry on warm days and warm and dry on cold days. Level 99 offers and edgy take on denim-based sportswear. Wearable, accessible & modern, this distinctive collection is hand-crafted for superior fit & attention to detail.

Using only premium fabrics & the highest quality materials, Level 99 incorporates current trends without being dictated by them. This versatile collection can be mixed & matched & incorporates a variety of styles, pockets, washes & finishes. With an extreme focus on a flattering fit & what looks good on a woman’s body, Level 99 takes today’s women seamlessly from the office to a dinner date in comfort & style. The 34-35” inseams are the perfect fit for those of us blessed with long legs!

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