Introducing Tularosa, a new LA-based label with a refined take on vintage inspired fashion.  Combining romantic dresses, textured jackets and embroidered tops, Tularosa is for the wild at heart.  Dreamt up in Silver Lake, California and designed in downtown Los Angeles, Tularosa’s every detail encapsulates a style that is effortless and full of love.

The modern bohème collection is inspired by the beautiful and timeless pieces collected along the way from road trips up the California coast to desert adventures and Baja getaways. Tularosa seeks the vibrant colors of the Earth, the salty ocean air and the warm sunrays which all play a strong role in the creation of each uniquely constructed piece.

Tularosa is the sister line of contemporary fashion label Lovers + Friends. While both brands have LA roots, Tularosa was created for the wandering soul with a heart of gold. The debut lookbook featuring Russian stunner Anna Selezneva is clean, elevated and simply beautiful – breathing new life into the term boho-chic.

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